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Angel of the Animals

Making a Difference Through Compassionate Books, Art, and Education

You are the angel


The heart of this foundation is empowering everyone to work together to bring healing to this planet. We believe that by teaching kids to be kind to animals, they will grow up to be kind to people too. This happens through events, readings, collaborations, and volunteer opportunities. We all have an angel in us.

Children's Books

An Elephant's Story is now available to order wherever books are sold! Through colorful children's books (that adults love too), readers are empowered to become more compassionate members of society. Issues like animal welfare, conservation, kindness, and stewardship are themes.


Anyone can be an angel of the animals! Things like reading compassionate books to your kids, visiting or volunteering at a reputable sanctuary instead of places where animals are exploited, shopping and eating mindfully, or sharing knowledge on social media makes you an angel of the animals!